Open source data logging and telemetry system designed specifically for Greenpower teams.
Three Elements:


A custom PCB designed to be soldered together by students.
Gathers data from sensors on the car and transmits the readings over Bluetooth to the app.

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Android App

Connects your Android phone to the eChook board via Bluetooth. Displays data to the driver, logs it to a file, and uploads it to the cloud for Live Data viewing.

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Live Data

Uses the phones internet connection to send the car's data to the cloud for real-time viewing on a customizable dashboard.

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Log the following data:
• Current Total (I)
• Voltage Total (V)
• Voltage Battery 1 (V)
• Voltage Battery 2 (V)
• Amp Hours Used (Ah)
• Throttle Input (%)
• Brake Input (On/Off)
• Motor RPM (RPM)
• Wheel Speed (m/s)
• Distance (m)
• Gear Number and Ratio
• Temperature 1 (°c)
• Temperature 2 (°c)
• GPS Position
• Lap Number
How to get Started

Buy the Kit

A build it yourself kit contianing PCB, components and sensors is available to order in the Greenpower store.

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Do It Yourself

eChook is Open Source so all the designs are available to build your own from scratch. Check out the documentation to get started.

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Use Existing Hardware

If you already have a data logging system with a USART ability, you can add a BT module and use our app, logging and live data for free!

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Meet the Team:
The three of us started late in Greenpower with the JLR Driven Graduate team. We're now too old to race ourselves so have focussed on bringing the data logging we benefitted from while racing to other teams.

Ian Cooper

Joined the Driven Greenpower team in 2012 and caught the bug! Founded the weChook racing team in 2014 and has been known for building dubiously pink cars with very robust electronics ever since.

Rowan Griffin

Joined Driven in 2013 and spent far too much time on greenpower over the next three years. Started developing the first version of what would become the eChook for the Driven team.

Ben Nagy

Joined the Driven team in 2014 and finished implementing the first Arduino-Android data logging system using an Arduino Mega.

Current eChookers